Rating Guide

Just how average is average?

Well Above Average – I’m not like the film reviewers that will never give out a 5. A Well Above Average rating is given to a movie that provides an all-round great experience. There might be some tiny issues with it, other than that, it’s gold.

Above Average – A film that receives this kind of rating has a few issues but nothing that really takes you out of the experience.

Average – Akin to around about a 2.5 to 3 star rating. The film does its job, the characters play the part and move the narrative. It’s good.

Below Average – The cons outweigh the pros in a film that gets a below average rating. It’s a film you can sit though, not worth investing your time in though.

Well Below Average – This film is something you really don’t need to watch. Watch this movie when you’re bored or want something to talk about.

Below Well Below Average – Unfortunately there are some films that warrant this kind of rating. This movie is not worth your money, time, or even keeping your eyes open.


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