Yeah, I’m thinking I’m Back

Hello Movie Fans!
I’m back. After almost four year’s I’ve decided to come back to the film blog I enjoyed working on so much. I don’t remember why I stopped writing film reviews way back then (the last thing I wrote about was Ben Affleck signing on to be Batman and before that it was some time in May, 2013). What is important that I’m back now!

This is probably a silly time for me to start writing again as I’m heading overseas to an international Rover Scout Moot – for more information, you can check out one thing I have been up to in the last few years here:

On the plus side though, it is a great time for movies. As well as reviewing movies that are coming out, I’ll be going back over the movies that have come out over the last few years and try to fill in the gap that this blog has.

I’m looking forward to bringing you all the reviews, news and editorials I can in the near future.