Dumbo – Teaser Trailer

Disney have just dropped the teaser trailer for their live action Dumbo remake. In what looks like The Greatest Showman minus show tunes and adding a flying elephant it looks like they are steering away from the grim story set out in the original.

The teaser shows Colin Farrell as a returned war veteran hired by Danny DeVito’s character to take care of a newborn elephant. He and his children seem to form a bond with the elephant. This plot is a far cry from the tormented titular character we saw in 1941 and will be much more appealing to modern audiences. They pretty much took the ‘young elephant with big ears who can fly’ and left the rest in the past.

‘From the Imagination of Tim Burton’ has become a bit of a red flag for me for a while now (the last film I really enjoyed from him being Sweeney Todd in 2007). However, the teaser trailer looks like it might have a little hint of Big Fish (one of my favourites) mixed in with that Disney vibe, which will hopefully be better than Alice in Wonderland.

Will this appeal to the mass audience? Not sure, Disney’s live action adaptations have been pretty hit and miss lately, Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella working very well but Pete’s Dragon, Maleficent and the Alice films not performing as well.

What do you think? Are you going to see Dumbo when it comes out in March next year?


How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World – Trailer

And another one! DreamWorks rounds out the week with a trailer for How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World!

This trailer doesn’t show off anything all that different compared to the first two films. How to Train Your Dragon and its sequel are quality stories that are animated beautifully. The Hidden World seems like it will continue that quality and end it! There are few franchises these days that are brave enough to stop at a trilogy and I’m looking forward to a confident and fantastic ending.

The trailer mostly shows a few new shots of yet another undiscovered part of the world and another Dragon hating bad guy to fight. The trailer also focuses heavily on Toothless’ interactions with a White Night Fury (so they call her a Light Fury… Original) whom he tries to impress. As I mentioned before, nothing that will grab new audiences but that might just be the point. This film will most likely serve as a satisfying ending for fans of the franchise.

Are you looking forward to How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World?

New trailers out this week

On top of the trailer for Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 this week (you can find that review here), we got a few more trailers for movies coming this year and next year. I thought id take some time to sit down, check out these trailers, and see what we’re in for.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

So, for those of you who don’t know, there has been for a few years now, an other Spider-Man. In an alternate universe, the ‘Ultimate Universe’, Miles Morales was bitten by the same species of mutated spider as Peter Parker but refused the call to be a super hero, that was until Peter Parker died and the world needed a new Spider-Man. From the trailer it looks like a lot of that is being changed but it looks like Sony Pictures is going full alternate universe on us! (Unless this movie doesn’t make the money they were expecting and they abandon the idea completely). The trailer gives off a modern, comic-book-like art style that features a lot of weird background effects that make it look like it should be in 3-D (it’s not, I used all the varieties of 3-D glasses I have) which is a little off-putting. Besides the background the animation looks awesome! Now to the story, in this version, Peter Parker isn’t dead, he instead takes Miles under his webby-wing and teaches him how to use his powers. There’s a shot towards the end where we also meet Spider-Gwen (usually from another alternate universe where Gwen Stacy is bitten by the spider) who could also be from this universe or they are actually pushing forward with many different universes and many different Spider-People. (I really hope Peter Porker shows up at some point.) I’m really looking forward to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse when it comes out towards the end of this year.

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

Yeah, original name for a movie right? This trailer did not do anything for me. It felt like a bit that could have been tacked on to the end of the first LEGO movie. We find ourselves ‘a lifetime’ from the events of The LEGO Movie in a post-apocalyptic Mad Max inspired Bricksburg, where everyone has become grittier and gruffer except for Emmet, who still thinks ‘everything is awesome’. The character’s lives are interrupted by an alien robot bringing Beastie Boys beats. The robot kidnaps Wyldstyle, Batman and a bunch of other characters from the first film and transports them to the Sis-Star System (a reference to the addition of the real-world boy’s sister being included in the LEGO room seen previously). Nothing looks that new or different, it certainly doesn’t have me as excited as the trailers for the first film.


THIS CHRISTMAS… (Oh god here we go.) EVERY ADVENTURE… (Please don’t say ‘has a beginning’.) HAS A BEGINNING… (Great…)

That’s right everybody, your favourite Transformer (which is apparently Bumblebee) is back! But this time, it’s an origin story! The only thing that jumped out at me is that there might only be two Transformers, and they are well coloured so we might be able to differentiate between robots this time! I think the jet in the trailer might Starscream who was one of my favourites when I was a kid so that’s cool. I can only hope and assume it’s going to be better than the utter waste of time that was Transformers: The Last Knight (Reviewed Here). Hailee Steinfeld might bring a decent human character and a bit of heart to the movie but I wouldn’t start handing out the awards just yet, the Transformers films have a history of producing good trailers and terrible films.

Mortal Engines

This one was interesting… When it says from the filmmakers of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit they mean producers and screenwriters – Peter Jackson is not directing this film. Christian Rivers, the director has been Jackson’s protégé since he was 17. He has worked in all sorts of departments (primarily special effects) and this is his first film directing by himself, not a massive undertaking at all… So I was expecting a LOTR sort of feel. Instead, I was given flashbacks to (shudder) The Matrix sequels and (shuddering intensifies) Jupiter Ascending. Maybe this film will turn out alright but the trailer has lowered my expectations.

But, what do you think of these trailers? Are you excited to see any (or all) of these movies? Sound off below and like Average Film Blog on Facebook!

Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 – Trailer

Start churnin’ butter and put on your Church Shoes little sister, ’cause we’re about to blast off!

The full trailer for the newest entry from Disney Animated Studios has dropped and it takes us on one of the most meta journeys yet. What seems to be Disney’s answer to The Emoji Movie, the sequel to Wreck-It Ralph sends the main characters, Ralph (John C. Rilley) and Vanellope von Schweetz (Sarah Silverman) to the Internet. The our heroes fly through the information super-highway past major net brands like Google and Amazon before they head to the Disney website. We see quick shots of the Disney Princesses, Eeyore (from Winnie the Pooh), Iron Man and a few X-Wings and some Stormtroopers before we are given the scene that is sure to generate hype and get bums on seats this November… Vanellope meets the Disney Princesses.

In a scene straight out of a Pocket Princesses cartoon Vanellope glitches into the private suite of the Princesses and startles them. Jasmine holds Genie’s lamp like a gun, Pocahontas readies a wooden club, and (my absolute favourite) Cinderella smashes her glass slipper on a chair and points the half shattered shoe at Vanellope (ready to cut a bitch up). The dialogue that ensues is priceless as the Princesses try to determine what kind of princess she is. She doesn’t have magic hair or magic hands, animals don’t talk to her, she wasn’t poisoned, cursed, kidnapped or enslaved. Vanellope starts to worry about these women and askes if she should call the police until she is revealed as a Princess because people assumed all her problems were solved because a big strong man (Ralph) showed up.

Its a fantastic scene that has me wanting to see more of the Princesses interactions. If this hits, expect to see a web-series or even a series on Disney’s new streaming service about all the Princesses living in one big castle or something.

The trailer closes with a meta interaction between Ralph, Vanellope and Taraji P. Henson’s character, Yesss an algorithm that determines the trending videos on ‘BuzzTube’. Stating that ‘Breaks the Internet’ is more of at thing than ‘Wrecks the Internet’.

It’s a good trailer, it has me interested, the storyline is a natural progression from the last film. Wreck-It Ralph referenced a lot of classic video games while this one will be much more modern in its references. Finally, that Princesses scene is going to pull a lot of people who wouldn’t have given much notice to Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2.