Incredibles 2 – Review

After fourteen years Disney and Pixar finally deliver on the sequel everyone wanted (sorry, not sorry Cars 2), Incredibles 2! Taking place straight after the end of The Incredibles feturing the newly assembled super-hero family face-off against Underminer, it feels as though we never left (that maybe because I watched the original the night before seeing this film). Incredibles 2 shifts focus from Robert Parr (aka Mr. Incredible) to his wife, Helen (aka Elastigirl), as she is now the bread-winner for the family aiding a corporate attempt to make super-heroes legal again. But in order to appeal to the public, she must go up against a new and mysterious threat, Screenslaver. (I would just like to take a minute to mention how awesome the super-villains names are in these stories, Bomb-voyage being my absolute favourite!)

Almost everyone involved in the original film returns, from the voice actors (with the exception of Spencer Fox, who voiced Dash, now voiced by Huck Milner, cause puberty sucks and Bud Luckey, who retired from acting in 2014 and died earlier this year, his character, Rick Dicker is now voiced by Johnathan Banks), to the producers, the composer, the editor as well as the writer, director and voice of Edna Mode herself, Brad Bird. I hope for many of those involved had a great time re-igniting the world of The Incredibles, because I know the audience will!

Speaking of that world, I adore the retro-futuristic style in this film more than in the last one. The animation is just so much more refined, a lot more depth in the image and everything is sharper. This is a given because Pixar has evolved in leaps and bounds but it might be a little jarring if your were to watch the movies back to back, and this movie is made for watching back to back. Its so refreshing to see a long awaited sequel to follow-up straight away and not take a ‘where are they now’ sort of storyline.

The film’s story is a little more complex then the last one with the B story taking more of a front seat. But the two stories are equally as interesting. Elastigirl’s story was interesting and rather intellectual despite the a pretty signposted and not very surprising twist and the rest of the family’s story, Robert trying to take care of all the kids problems, is the comic relief interwoven between. The cutting between some parts of the story were a little awkward towards the tipping point, almost like the changes between the stories didn’t work. But ultimately that was one of my only issues in the film.

Incredibles 2 is a sequel that was worth the 14-year-long wait. I wouldn’t say it is better than the original but as far as sequels go, it’s a lot better than most! The original characters are great, the new characters are so-so (cementing my love for the classic heroes), and the story is a fun, fast-paced continuation of the from The Incredibles. For any fan, its a must see. It again tells a better ‘Fantastic Four’ story than Fox Studios ever could.

Incredibles 2: Above Average


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