Dumbo – Teaser Trailer

Disney have just dropped the teaser trailer for their live action Dumbo remake. In what looks like The Greatest Showman minus show tunes and adding a flying elephant it looks like they are steering away from the grim story set out in the original.

The teaser shows Colin Farrell as a returned war veteran hired by Danny DeVito’s character to take care of a newborn elephant. He and his children seem to form a bond with the elephant. This plot is a far cry from the tormented titular character we saw in 1941 and will be much more appealing to modern audiences. They pretty much took the ‘young elephant with big ears who can fly’ and left the rest in the past.

‘From the Imagination of Tim Burton’ has become a bit of a red flag for me for a while now (the last film I really enjoyed from him being Sweeney Todd in 2007). However, the teaser trailer looks like it might have a little hint of Big Fish (one of my favourites) mixed in with that Disney vibe, which will hopefully be better than Alice in Wonderland.

Will this appeal to the mass audience? Not sure, Disney’s live action adaptations have been pretty hit and miss lately, Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella working very well but Pete’s Dragon, Maleficent and the Alice films not performing as well.

What do you think? Are you going to see Dumbo when it comes out in March next year?


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