Seven Psychopaths – Review

Seven Psychopaths is one of those films that clearly no one knew was about. In the screening I was in, three older ladies left about 15 minutes in and never came back. In another screening I heard about people were vocal about how it was not what they expected. “I thought this was supposed to be funny” was alone heard by a friend of mine in another screening. This movie in that case, I will say is an acquired taste. This film has a black comedy swing to it in the style of a pseudo Tarrentino flick. Lots of over the top blood splatter and a hilarious look in to the minds of different psychopaths.

All this is happening while Marty (Colin Farrell) is writing a screenplay titled ‘Seven Psychopaths’ about the psychopaths that feature in the film. This film is brilliantly paced and the violence and comedy nicely balanced. At sometimes I found myself laughing out loud at this fantastic film.

Sam Rockwell and Christopher Walken execute their roles perfectly and I mean what would you expect from some of the world’s best actors. Woody Harrelson also plays a brilliant psychopath who only seems to care about his missing dog. Also keep an eye out for the very sexy Aussie Abbie Cornish. The writer/director Martin McDonagh was a playwright and now a screenwriter/director. He has directed two films before this one, Six Shooter (2006) and In Bruges (2008).

One of the best films for the year, Seven Psychopaths is a great example of the sort of original film that there should be more of in this time of sequels and remakes.

Seven Psychopaths: Above Average


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