Brave – Review

Disney and Pixar create a new Disney Princess in the new movie, Brave.

Its a different take on Pixar films – similar to Up, its set in a slightly more real world than Toy Story, Finding Nemo or Monsters Inc. with Humans being (mostly) the only talking, intelligent creatures.

In Brave, Merida (Kelly Macdonald) is a princess of the DunBroch clan, daughter of Fergus (Billy Connolly) and Elinor (Emma Thompson). She is a bit of a tomboy growing up. Preferring riding, exploring and archery to more ‘princess worthy’ pastimes. She and her mother have never really seen eye to eye, but the final straw for Merida is to be married off to one of the sons of the other three clans. What to do? Follow the Disney rule… “Got a Problem? Go see a witch!”

The animation is, as always, beautiful. Merida’s wild red hair and the fur of the bears (I know there are no bears in Scotland but it all makes sense in the film) flows and moves as if it was real. Pixar just make things one step more beautiful every film they make. Only flaws in this film I could point out is that the story seems a little forced at some points or even sped up for very little reason. It can sometimes seen a little obvious at points.

Bottom Line: Brave is a really nice take on Scottish legend and is a great film for the whole family. It provides a strong female role model for young girls as well as some very good comedic moments usually from Fergus or Merida’s three younger brothers.

Brave: Average


La Luna

La Luna is the Pixar short that is attached to Brave. It is a lovely little film perfectly executed with very little dialogue that isn’t even dialogue it’s mumbling gibberish. The film is about Bambino and his first outing with his father, Papa and grandfather, Nonno as they go to clean up stars that fall on the moon.

Bottom Line: La Luna is Sweet and Mesmerising.

La Luna: Above Average

Brave is in cinemas now. La Luna appears before the main feature.


Rock of Ages – Review

Broadway Stage meets Silver Screen once again with ‘juke-box’ musical, Rock of Ages!

It’s a typical story of mid-western girl who travels to LA to find fame and glory as a singer. There she falls in love with the first guy she talks to. Gets a job that people would kill for and is pretty much set for life in the city of angels. Until lead rocker of Arsenal, Stacee Jaxx performs at the Burbon Room. The story leads our characters to more or less stereotypical scenarios. With a few interesting/funny twists.

While we’re on the story, the script is… well… flawed. Corny one liners, obvious plot developments and some flat characters. Despite this, the film is lots of fun. You get a chance to sing along to some of your favourite rock songs from the 80s, like Just Like Paradise, I Love Rock and Roll and a double header from Journey with Anyway You Want It and Don’t Stop Believing. I found my self laughing at the stupid things the actors did and I would say that this film would have been so much fun to make.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for something fun to watch on a Saturday Night with a group of friends, this is definitely that something. Lots of fun, lighthearted, and it features some of the greatest songs in the world! If you want nothing but a good time, any way you want it, if you wanna rock or know what love is then the cinema isn’t too far away… this movie will rock you like a hurricane! I really wanted to say that!

Rock of Ages: Below Average (But, I still love it.)

Prometheus – Review

Ridley Scott returns in all his epic moviemaking glory with his return to the Alien universe, Prometheus.

The year is 2089 and Dr Elizabeth Shaw and her small expedition team are on a dig in Scotland. Inside a cave they find a pictogram. The last peice to their puzzle. This pictogram resembles other ancient drawings from almost all of Earth’s early civilizations. The pictogram features a constellation that Shaw believes is a map leading to the Origins of humanity. Begin Project Prometheus. A trillion dollar expedition to the system identified in this map, Funded by Weyland Industries to explore the possible creation of us.

After a two year expedition on board exploritory vessle Prometheus the crew of 17 find the moon that according to long range scanners can support life. The Prometheus lands near some ‘pyramids’ that seem to be man (or something like it) made. So sure enough there is life on this world… Are they the engineers of our existance? The answer to that question is the least of the crew of the Prometheus’ problems.

After 33 years, its great to see Scott’s return to the the franchise and sci-fi films in general he helped create. Prometheus IS linked to the Alien franchise, do not listen to those who say otherwise… From the moment Weyland industries was attached to the online marketing it was obvious.

Now to the film itself.

Visually… Amazing!

The Sound… Cinema Shaking!

Narrative… Leaves a lot to be desired.

Shot in 3D this film is one to see with the glasses on, stunning. The narrative of the film honestly feels like half of a film where more questions are asked than answered. To avoid any other spoilers I’ll leave that there. Acting is brilliant! Four stand out roles seem to be the characters that are fleshed out the best. Noomi Rapace (famous for the Swedish Millenium trilogy films) plays the protagonist, the inquisitive Dr. Elizabeth Shaw who has a very interesting and powerful scene around about half way through the film. Michael Fassbender (famous for being born) eerily plays the android David who looks like T. E. Laurence of Arabia and successfully pulls off an emotionless android. If you’ve never visited the uncanny valley… welcome. Idris Elba plays the captain of the Prometheus, Janek who has a few laughs in the film as well as being very serious when the time comes. Finally to round out my favorite four Charlize Theron plays Meredith Vickers, a Weyland representative who is overseeing the mission… she’s definitely got an ulterior motive. Notible mention to Guy Pearce for playing an old guy… Peter Weyland… If you want to see Guy’s best as this character, see the TED talk.

Which brings me to the marketing. Very cool, very meaningful, lots of back story to the back story. Definitely worth a look.

Prometheus is a beautiful film, don’t get me wrong, I was in awe of the shots and the locations. The story left a bit to be desired, was sort of hoping for more… and to be honest, I still am. But all-in-all a good film.

Prometheus: Average