Swimfan – Review

Swimfan tells the story of Ben Cronin (played by Jesse Bradford) an ex-drug addict who has found his life again by swimming, he now has the perfect life, perfect girlfriend, etc. But that gets turned upside down when Maddison Bell (Erika Christensen) comes to town. Ben and Maddison hook up and get it on nautical style in the school pool. Ben tries to forget the night at the pool and return to  his relationship with his girlfriend Amy, but Maddison has other plans. She comes on a little strong, going to his house, leaving things in his locker, and interfering in his life until, ultimately people start dying.

This psycho-thriller (emphasis on the Psycho) is aimed at an older teenage market and can be seen as a little intense. This is one of my favourite films of all time. One of the reasons for this is that the actors in this film are relatively unknown and its refreshing to see a cast like this be in such a fantastic film. As someone who swum in primary school and high school the swimming element in this film and other films get to me… See The Covenant & Wasted on the Young… and like those other films Swimfan has a very blue atmosphere which adds to the darkness of the storyline. Overall a visually and narratively appealing film.

Swimfan: Above Average


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