The Terminators – Review

Quick review today for an incredibly b-grade (maybe even lower) film, The Terminators.

I’ll take a step back for a second and tell you a little about The Asylum, they are a film production and distribution company infamous for releasing films (sometimes called ‘Mockbusters’) similar to blockbusters in both story lines and titles, very close to the date that these blockbusters are released. Examples being:

Transmorphers, around the time of the first Transformers movie in 2007

The Day The Earth Stopped, around the time of The Day The Earth Stood Still in 2008

and many more such as, Snakes On A Train and The Da Vinci Treasure (guess what they’re similar to).

The Terminators was released (I bet you guessed) around the time Terminator: Salvation was released. But unlike the original
series, it follows a more Battlestar Galactica storyline, other critics have compared it to 1973’s Westworld. The similarities with the Terminator movies however are that the actors of the TR5’s (the robots in the film) have rigid movements, are muscley and all have angry faces (like Arnie) but thats about it (they don’t even say “I’ll be back” or anything!). Like in many of these movies by the Asylum, (and I will be reviewing more of these because they are so… I’m not quite sure what the word is… crass?) I kept waiting for one of these characters to say “This shit just got real.” (But they never do.) The crappy acting and poor special effects make these films funny to watch.

Keep an eye out for a scene where the main characters are running into a warehouse after the TR5’s have attacked and killed everyone… you will see a highway in the background, with moving cars… Apocalype, No!

The Terminators: Below Well Below Average (unless these fantastically bad movies are your thing)


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