The Prestige – Review

I could probably say all I need to say about this movie in two words… Christopher Nolan. Yes, thats right, one year on from Batman Begins, Nolan reunites actors Christian Bale and Michael Caine while throwing in Hugh Jackman and Scarlett Johansson in to the mix to create this turn of the century masterpiece.

Fully equipped with all the twist and turns Nolan is known for, The Prestige tells the story of two rival magicians (Bale & Jackman) who constantly try to one up each other in search of the ultimate trick. Michael Caine and Scar-Jo play the assistants caught up in this obsessional feud. The centre of the race for the ultimate trick, Nikola Teslar, played by David Bowie, who in this film is seen as a master of the impossible, and in fact an inventor far more capable of electricity than the briefly mentioned Thomas Edison, but we won’t get in to historical facts… after all, this is a movie about magic and illusion!

I cannot fault any facet of this movie, it has a gripping storyline, amazing cast, and an ending that will keep you wanting more (without spoiling too much… more than it does in Inception). The story has just the right amount of sci-fi-yness to keep any movie goer interested. This is a film you must watch before you die… hell, see it this week!

The Prestige: Above Average


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