No Strings Attached – Review

On average, one good Rom-Com is made each year… and No Strings Attached, is not it.

No Strings Attached is about a guy and a girl who see each other every now and then by chance and then one night and one fateful morning after that night. They strangely have sex and agree to become ‘friends with benefits’. I’m sure that most of you can already see how this ends… While watching this I could tell that this was an annoyingly dumbed down version of ‘(500) Days of Summer’ (one of my all time favourite movies, so you can see why I was annoyed). The guy was into a relationship but the girl didn’t want to have emotions and didn’t want to put a label on it… it was a cop out right down to a song by the Temper Trap.

Highlight of this movie was Natalie Portman, despite a very poor script she played her roll well. Ashton Kutcher, plays his usual character (I still think the only good thing he was in was Dude Where’s My Car and That 70’s Show). This movie was enjoyable for about the first 30 to 45 mins but then dropped for the rest until it was more drawn out than Lord of the Rings. Look out for the ‘Period Mix’ scene, the funniest part of the movie and also the marker for the drop off.

No Strings Attached: Well Below Average

Just to make things ten times worse… there’s another casual sex movie coming out around July this time featuring another That 70’s Show star, Mila Kunis with Justin Timberlake called… (were you expecting something witty?)… Friends With Benefits.


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